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Shamanic Touch is a combination of energy techniques that have been blended together from multiple tribal sources, chakra and aura cleansing, balancing and manipulation practices and a form of Reiki known as Tera Mai. The key is in the diagnostics, allowing the Healer to draw from a number of healing methods that are the most compatible with the patient. Shamanic Touch is taught in three levels with a fourth level(teachers level)being optional. The first level teaches how to prepare the client to receive healing and how to create sacred space accordingly and also how to close the space and sever the cords created during healing. The most important aspect taught on this level is the focus on diagnostics to insure the proper application of the right technique to the specific individual.

Also taught are the use of the elements earth, air fire and water and the healing application of these forces. Methods of applying healing through hands-on techniques and the use of Tera Mai Reiki is also taught on this level. You will learn how to use the subtle energies that we are immersed in and to use the spirits that connect to us as well as the use of plants and their energies.





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